Rustic Cedar Corbels

Rustic Corbels Staine

Corbels and brackets are architectural and design elements. Both inside and outside the home, office or commercial institution, both stand out. Adding additional support and decorative beauty wherever they are installed. If you have something in need of some support, wood corbels may be the answer. Inside a building they are seen supporting shelves, bar tops, counters and window sills. Outside a building they are a defining architectural component used to dress up roof lines along the eaves and gables. They are found under lintels, window stoops (sills), and as support for window boxes. (see shutter / planter ensembles) 

DWL makes Corbels and decorative brackets supplied with a plated or non-plated option. Plating is the decorative pieces of wood and sometimes composite material attached to the top and back of a Corbel. You could say the Corbel is the piece between the plating on a bracket. It’s the combination of plating and corbel that form the bracket. Plating adds significantly to a Corbels overall design, strength and finished appearance. Plates also serve as a a mounting point for the Corbel.

At DWL we class Corbels  and Brackets as, interior and exterior. See our style names described below.

4x8 15 deg Block Corbel

Solid Corbels w/ 4×8 15 deg Chamfer Nose

Styles and Description:

  1. Contoured: A Shaped corbel
  2. Solid: Sometimes called Block
  3. Chamfer: A corbel with trimming on the nose, side or both
  4. Radius: A corbel with some radius to one side or both.



Exterior Corbels from DWL are available in a host of shapes and sizes from simple to complex. If you are a contractor or exterior installer, see our MTO (Made To Order) Contractor Program. The details are linked below. We take the hassle of site go-backs after finishes when the scaffold is down. You have better things to do like start the next house. Partnering through our MTO Contractor Program increases your productivity, scheduling efficiency and quality. It gives you a competitive edge others will not have. Guarantees you will have in hand any exterior element DWL provides; corbels, brackets, shutters, pediments etc. Just look at the some of the benefits:

Customer Guide Ordering Corbel And Brackets

MTO Contractor / Supplier Program Benefits:

#1 No more material pickups.

#2 No more lumber deliveries at your location or at the job site where it ends up stolen, damaged and often made useless, being used for a bridge over a mud-hole by somebody else.

#3 No more lumber inventories. Now you can store materials you want to store, like your core exterior materials i.e. brick, stucco, siding, soffit fascia.

#4 No more inventory.

#5 No shop equipment maintenance

And these are just a few of the benefits. Just imagine being ahead of your competition, instead of sending people back to job sites to finish what you should have done already. 

Trellis Corbels

Trellis Corbels

Large 6x6 Brackets

Large Brackets












Available in several wood species, choose from maple, clear and knotty alder, poplar and oak. We supply composite but please note: composite materials are meant for interior use only. Composite Corbels are available ready to paint or we can laminate to suit in 3/4″ and 13/16″ widths only, each has a rubber edge-banded front in black.  Matched plating is also available for composite Corbels. Standard and Bubbled Crescent design only.

Popular Corbels

Popular Interior Corbel Style


Corner Fill Plated Corbel

Corner Fill Plated Corbel

Plated Bubbled Crescent Corbel

Plated BC Corbel

Formed BC Corbel

Bubbled Crescent Corbel

Standard Plated Corbel

Standard Plated Corbel











All DWL Corbels are available unfinished, or finished. We have a finish to match any exterior facade or interior detail. All you have to do is bring us your plans or specifications and we will take it from there. Contact us, today!



Contractor Vendor Made to Order (MTO) Program

We know from experience the difficulty in bidding and getting jobs let alone the logistics of getting them done. If you’re a material vendor, contractor or exteriors installer you need to partner with DWL . Our MTO program takes the headache out of your installations and supply chain.  At DWL we create solutions, not only for the contractors and installers but for suppliers too.  Do yourself a favor and ask about our MTO program. You’ll wonder why you did things the way you used to. 

Exterior Brackets

Exterior Brackets

Contoured Corbels

Contoured Corbels & Brackets






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