Shutter / Planter Ensembles

If your home or place of business has exterior shutters that look a little too much like everyone else, call DWL today. Our shutter and planter ensembles take the ordinary to extraordinary. DWL designs shutter and planter ensembles to be weather resistant, strong and durable with metal surrounds and accents that add appearance and support. Our planters are lightweight yet strong and made from durable weather resistant woods. We install weep points for proper drainage and line the interiors. We also offer removable tray liners custom made for your planter. Our shutter / planter ensembles designs can be installed with or without Corbels See Corbels. Corbels add both design and secondary support to the planter installation. You can purchase our window planters with or without shutters. We can match planter finishes to your shutters or choose to contrast the colors and let the compliments begin.


Shutter / Planter Ensemble

Shutter / Planter Ensemble with Hardware Accents


Custom Planters

DWL also manufactures free-standing planter designs for use around the yard, garden or deck.  If it’s custom you desire and you have an idea put to paper we can build it. We have satisfied many customers, “sawing their drawings.”   Just let us know what you have in mind and we’ll take it from there.

Contact us and make a statement with both your shutter and planter work, make it an ensemble, you’ll be glad you did.