Hardware Installation and DIY


For over twenty years we have installed hardware all over Utah and along the Wasatch front. DWL Construction conducts hardware installations everyday. New construction or remodel, your home, office or commercial institution can be totally revitalized with our hardware installation and DIY packages. We provide the most current and up to date styles you want and installation too. If you’re in a hurry trying to meet a deadline, or just giving the home a facelift, you need to call us and let us help. For the Do-It-Yourself type, we’re happy to help you assemble a package of everything you will need from some of the most widely known and trusted manufacturers. Supply or installation, we are here to help.  All you have to do is click, contact us.


Interior Hardware

Interior Hardware

Experienced Contractors, Developers and Builders know how difficult the hardware niche is to fill. Hardware installation is always last in the new construction process. But too often, it is regarded with less importance than other construction processes. It’s kind of like painting. Everyone says they can paint, but you never know how well, until you see what they painted. Hardware installation is a lot like those, ” I can do it”  paint jobs. The trouble comes in the end when you compare the job you visualized with the one you actually got.

The difference between a DWL installation and the kind others do is simple. First, the best materials are selected. Then care is taken to insure doors actually latch, knobs don’t stick, stops are where they need to be, deadbolts operate smoothly, strikes and latches are drilled out instead of doors and  jambs being split-out, and the list goes on. A DWL hardware selection and tight installation add the finishing touches. Those touches speak volumes of your home or office. Moreover, they speak volumes of your builder and developer as well.

DWL Construction has been installing hardware packages for commercial and residential Contractors, Builders and Developers since 1996. For your hardware installation and DIY needs, you owe it to yourself to contact us for a free quote and partner with a firm that will get the job done right, the first time. Hardware installation is another reason our slogan says:




“At DWL Construction and Millworks the most important thing we build is our reputation”