Finish Work

It’s All About The Finish Work

Some call it “Trim-Work” at DWL we call it the”Finish – Work”. Whichever term you prefer, it is the finishing touch to every home, office or commercial institution. By far the most apparent part of any completed space lies among the shapes and contours of the finish work and materials. If you want to know who does the best finish work talk to the painters. Painters who have worked with DWL love our finish work. Some of our carpenters are quite proficient in painting as well as other trades which is another DWL edge.



Not only do our installers know other trades they respect them too. They understand the importance of properly fitting the materials they install, they know what the painters and forthcoming trades are going to do and plan details of their work to suit each site best. If something needs to be fixed before the proper finish can be achieved it’s communicated to you, the client, You have to be informed  to be able to make a choice that suits you. Best of all in most of these situations DWL can make the fix too. Bonus!


Crown Moulding Finish Work

Crown Moulding Work

Quality Work

At DWL we not only understand the impact our services have on a project but we encompass knowledge of many trades into our daily operations. We don’t just go over problem points we finish them out. This commitment ensures that DWL clients get what they pay for, quality finish work at an affordable price.

If you have a remodeling or new construction job in the future you owe it to yourself to start the finish work right by contacting DWL Construction. We have completed finish work in countless homes and utilize only the best materials from pre-screened vendors. References provided upon request. Call now.


Floor Base and Crown

Floor Base and Crown

Storage Built In to Benches

Storage Benches Built In










Have A Change In Mind?

If you’re thinking of bigger changes inside or outside the home, office or commercial building, and need a custom solution visit our gallery. In fact peruse our wholes site. We haven’t done “everything”, but we’re confident our gallery tells our story and always provides inspiration. We are betting it will inspire you.  Visit our Reviews page and take a moment to see what others are saying about DWL Construction and Millworks. You’ll understand what they already know:  at DWL Construction and Millworks “the most important thing we build is our reputation”

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