Shutter / Planter Hardware

Shutter-Planter-Hardware, “The Difference”

At DWL Construction and Millworks, we’re not like everybody else. We don’t want to be. It’s our guess you don’t want to be ” like everybody else” either. We strive hard at DWL to provide shutter- planter-hardware of excellent quality. Nobody beats our prices on custom exterior shutters, custom planters and shutter / planter combinations. Couple that with a clean precise solid installation and your choice of shutter-planter-hardware, and your home, office or commercial building assumes a whole new look, at an affordable cost.


Choose from an assortment of nail or southwestern “Clavo” style accents. All available in sizes ranging from 3/8″ to 2″ diameter. Also available in various colors and metal types. Or, perhaps Gothic style rivets and metal inlays are more your style. Each selection can be placed in a decorative pattern on the cross-members of the shutters or, directly on the Planter.  Add faux hinges or, if your shutters are fully functional protective shutters, adding sets of tie-backs or “Shutter Dogs” is a real good choice. Custom coloring of select shutter-planter-hardware can be done too. Whatever you choose, we want it to be an exterior ornament addition you enjoy seeing every time you return home.

Planter Shutter Ensembles

Our custom planters are the perfect match to any exterior shutter work. So much so, we call them Shutter / Planter Ensembles. The possibilities are truly endless and the results are truly extravagant. Exterior Shutters without a planter setting are almost like a cake without icing. See for yourself just click on Shutter / Planter Ensembles.


Southwest Clavos on Exterior Shutter

Southwest Clavos on Exterior Shutter Cross-member in black 3/4″

Black Rivets

Old World Rivet Look in Black on Exterior Wood Shutter Cross-member


Exterior Shutter Custom Metal inlay

Metal Inlay on Exterior Wood Shutter Cross-member



Decorative hinges for Exterior Shutters

Popular Decorative Hinge Styles

Hardware Inlays for Exterior Shutters and Planters

Popular Metal Inlays for Planters and Exterior Shutters

Black Deco Hinge on Exterior Wood Shutter

Black Deco Hinge on Exterior Wood Shutter Cross-member


We deliver: All of our custom Exterior Shutters or Planters can be shipped to anywhere in the continental United States

Don’t see what your looking for?  Contact us!  The possibilities are truly endless…